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Year Four Wizardry Edition Crate

What was in the box:


* High quality hard resin wand

* Rita Skeeter Animagus replica

* Quidditch print

* Polyjuice Potion

* Beauxbatons Bath Tea

* Mad-Eye Pin Badge

* Irish Quidditch support flag

* Burnt parchment replica




* Goblet of Fire pin badge

* Button Badge set

* Triwizard Champion t-shirt


Unboxing by @thequeenrex


Year 7 Box

What was in the box:


* High quality resin wand - in-house item

* Shell Cottage mobile dedicated to Dobby - collaboration with @yolk_sa

* Glow-in-the-dark Snape tears - in-house item

*  deathly Hallows necklace - in-house item

* Bill and Fleur's Gold-foiled wedding invitation - by @pineurple_za

* Hermione's Wreath for Harry's parents - in-house item

* Fred and George typography print  -  in-house item

* Patronus A3 poster printed by @yolk_sa and artwork by

* A5 art print by @lizelle.smith


Unboxing by @tash_things

Shadow and Bone Box

What was in the box:


* Alina 35oml vegan soy wax candle - in-house item and               artwork by @thebibliotaph.bog

* Ravka bath bomb - in-house item

* Shadow Fold mica glitter vegan glycerine soap bar - in-             house item

* A3 poster - printed by @yolk_sa and artwork by              

* Kvas tea  -  in-house item

*  Morozova's Stag bookmark - artwork by                            

* Morozova's Stag light jar - in-house item and vinyl sticker         by @yolk_sa

* No Mourners, No Funerals mug by @yolk_sa and artwork      purchased from 

* A5 spoiler card print - purchased from

* Mrozova's Stag glitter vinyl print booksleevw by                          @papercute_


Unboxing by @cl.kennedy

Dregs Box

What was in the box:


* Wesper vegan soy candle  -  in-house item and artwork by

* a3 Kanej poster  -  printed by @yolk_sa and artwork by  

* Kanej bookmark  -  artwork by

* Crow Wire-bound notebook - made by @yolk_sa and                 artwork purchased from

* Crow vinyl sticker  -  printed by @yolk_sa and artwork by

* Crow pin badge  - artwork by

* Helnik mug  -  yolk_sa and artwork by

* No Mourners, No Funerals loose tea - in-house item and           artwork purchased from


Unboxing by @courtofsighs